Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kevin Martin is a Terrorist

If you hadn't heard, we just got screwed. Kevin Martin succeeded in pushing through a rule change that effectively neuters ownership caps. Sam Zell can buy up any media outlet he wants; other papers, radio stations, TV stations.. he can have whatever he wants.

Congress asked the FCC not to vote on it. The FCC's own congressional oversight committee asked them to delay the vote until next year. Most Americans when polled actually prefer less consolidation in media, not more. The rationalization that newspapers are struggling is a lie. Circulation is down yes, but profit margins average 17% according to the FCC's own data. Kevin Martin lied to justify it. He will have to lie further to rationalize it. The man is unfit to serve.

Media diversity is critical to the function of our republic. Kevin Martin attacked that freedom and democracy as blatantly as if he'd bombed an embassy. Watching it on C-Span today was like watching Mongol hoards run over our borders, rabid like dogs gnashing their teeth and defiling everything that mattered.

Please call your congress person.
...or tell Kevin what you think: