Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vincent Price Radio

Leonard Maltin called his voice "one of the most famous in all of radio." But most people have forgotten that he evan did radio. Today Vincent price is best remembered for his voice over in Michael Jackson's famous song, "Thriller." Previous to that his voice over in Alice Cooper's "Black Widow." He's the perfect radio man to profile on Halloween...

Vincent Leonard Price was actually Vincent Leonard Price Jr. his father was also Vincent Leonard Price. his grandfather was also Vincent Price, but his middle name was Clarence. Grandpa was the inventor of "Dr. Price's Baking Powder", the first cream of tartar baking powder, and secured the family's fortune. That fortune paid the way for Jr. to attend Yale and the Courtauld Institute in London.

He became active in radio, and became a voice actor on Suspense, a CBS series. He did his first episode for them in 1943 "The Strange Death of Charles Umberstien." And continued to do parts until 1959. In 1947 on another CBS series he picked up a much more central role as Simon Templar, the main character of The Saint. The Saint made its debut on radio in 1940, with Price taking over for Terence De Marney. Price left the series in 1950 after almost a hundred episodes. Mutual pulled the plug, as radio dramas were all moving to TV and the golden age was over. Little sample below: