Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Almost Home...

Just a quick dinner and back in the car. North central Pennsylvania has little to offer in the way of regional radio. The town is pretty stable looking with not too much real estate on main street for sale... LP anyone?

Here in Franklin, PA only 1450 WFRA-AM seems to have any local programming and it apes the already tired, repetative and entirely unentertaining Rush Limbush program. Mike Savage may be mentally Ill but he's still funny. Rush has been stale since 1985. Note: In April Rush played an orignal tune called "Barack The Magic Negro" on his show I think that oversteps "Nappy Headed Hoes" any day. For a guy that buys his drugs from black peopel he really seems not to like them much... Anyway, what else would you expect from a station that mis-measured their new tower and had to reduce power back in April of 2002?

They simulcast programming already carried on WOYL, WTIV, and WMGW. It's a feat of redundancy surpassed only by "Froggy. " One can at least say they are the anchor station of the neighborhood having debuted back in 1958. Previous Owners the Sauber Family ran a purportedly original standards mix but that was long ago. I did read that way back in the 1960s WFRA helped push a singloe by a local artist Marcey Jo onto the Billboard Chart. That support got her first single on Robee Records up to #81 on Billboard and helped her get a series of 45s released on the much larger Philadelphia-based Swan Records.
Franklin does have the DeBence Antique Music Museum. It's a three story building filled with a collection of old-time mechanical musical intruments like player pianos, Nickleodeons, carousel organs, etc. The collection was started by Jake and Elizabeth DeBence in 1940. Today a non-profit organization maintains it. Their hours are somwhat short, but well worth fitting in.