Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who was Rex Miller?

Most Disc Jockeys would be pumping gas if they couldn't be at the mic. As a group they are generally uneducated, but charismatic. But we one-dimensional people make the best on-air talent apparently. Rex Miller wasnt like that at all. Bright, industrious and multifacted. the big question is why he bothered with radio at all. More here.

He was born in 1939, Miller became a radio announcer before he finished Highschool in St. Joseph, Missouri. He dropped out of junior college to attend Elkins Institute of Radio in Dallas. it was there he went back to radio. He studied both as an announcer and engineer.
His resume includes KLIF and KBOX in Dallas, WQXI in Atlanta, WITH in Baltimore, KWK in St. Louis, WPRO Providence, WUBE in Cincinnati, WNOX in Knoxville, KQV Pittsburgh, and both WNUS and WIND in Chicago... he left his stamp in a dozen major cities. As a radioman he was unstoppable. While at KLIF he released a series of 45s in Dallas just to show off his musical talents.
He left radio in 1971 to pursue a writing career. beginning in the 198-0s He published half a dozen horror novels including Slice, Savant, Butcher, Iceman, and others. He also had a successful mail-order business dealing in collectibles for comics and superheros. In some circles Rex was referred to as an expert in the field of juvenille-related collectibles. Rex died on May 21, 2004 at a hospital in Sikeston, Missouri. he had been in a nursing home for six years, after a debilitating stroke. More here.