Friday, September 14, 2007


Friday the 14th pf September, 09/14/07 is a big day. The FCC has cleared all 90 IBOC-capable AMs in the us to use IBOC at night. HD radio after dark on the Am band has been cleared to go.

Predictions range from a reception apocalypse to "most stations will not have perceptible loss." The general consensus is that secondary and tertiary market stations will have "signifigant erosion."

My general feeling is that the low number of stations will prevent the apocalypse, but that things are worse than the boys at HD are letting on. Part of the problem is that there isnt' a practical way to measure the IBOC interference of skywave reception because propagation is totally reliant on highly varied atmospheric conditions. However, pretending that it's not there is even less practical. So tune in and listen, this could be exciting.