Saturday, August 11, 2007

WNOU attacks drunk drivers!

This has more potential for hijinks than any morning show needs. The Morning Mess reports last weeks' drunk drivers to the citizens of Indianapolis live every week. Nobody wants to hear their name on this list. I clipped the segment. I uploaded a chunk of the episode here. Hopefully total public embarassment will dissuade future DUIs.

WNOU began life as WIBC in the year 1961 as a classical station. In 1968 they dropped that and changed calls to WIBC re-launching as rocker WNAP. In the 1970s they rebranded as the Buzzard, still playing rock.

In the late 1990s WNAP later went classic rock but that was a catastrophe. In 2001 they stunted for weeks and went CHR picking up the WNOU calls they amintain today. On an interesting note, last year, WNOU launched a HD2 subchannel, dubbed "Orbital 93.1." This station offers a Dance music format