Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wireless Blimp!

This is pretty obscure, possibly apocryphal. It's usually Tesla that gets credit for inventing remote control as I explained here in 1898. But this piece refers to this demonstration as the "first of its 'kind." Now possibly it's the first wireless remote control of aircraft, or not. This might even be an Internet hoax as I cannot verify elsewhere. But whatever it's entertaining and feasible. In 1912 Professor M. O. Anthony and Leo Stephens gave a demonstration of a Wireless Airship. It was a small powered blimp used to demonstrate remote control of aircraft by wireless telegraphy.

200 members of an automobile club came to see photographs and short films of the airship in action. A unanimous vote was passed urging Congress to appropriate monies for the development of aeronautics for the Army. ...And check this out, from the same page: Here modern nerds replicate. Hooray for wildly entertaining nerds.