Friday, August 10, 2007

Radio Station Drops Car From Helicopter

As I keep up on my radio news I begin to think that my week of "Stupid DJ tricks" posts could have been a blog in its own right. He's somthign a little more recent. The Chicago radio station WLUP staged an innovative stunt. After a century of ADD at the mic it's hard to innovate.

DJ Jonathon Brandmeier has always been a ham. Superman costumes, crashing thru video screens, mooning audiences... He's a peopel person. But he set up a great stunt a coupel months back/ At Tinley Park he wanted to do a car drop.

Here's how it works. A vehicle is suspended from a helicopter, about 500 feet up. Then dropped onto a numbered grid in a parking lot. The contestant whose number was hit by the falling Volvo is in line to win a new Hummer H3, according to the contest rules. The game was kind of like cow-chip bingo without the suspense or the stool softener.