Friday, July 06, 2007

Insects Vs. Radio

It's not the kind of story you read very often. Locusts destroy crops, killer bees kill small children and annoying dogs, cockroaches crawl into peoples ears... they do not normally attack radio stations. In the end it was
Insects: 1, Radio: 0

A Swedish radio station in the town of Ystad, "Radio Active", was forced off the air by a plague of insects. The problem arose after thousands of freshly hatched insects caused Radio Active's broadcasting equipment to malfunction."

The staff of Radio Active was assaulted by a swarm of flies. Apparently a prior swarm had laid eggs inside a storage shed near the studio. Station Manager Andreas Narsell was brave enough to open the door to the shed to investigate and found the shed crammed full. The station had to remain off the air for three hours while new equipment was installed.
"Thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of black flies came flying out. The whole thing felt like a Hitchcock film."