Friday, July 20, 2007


Dick was another early rock n' roller. Dick Biondi began his broadcasting career at WCBA in Corning, NY. Biondi spent two fame-building years at WKBW in Buffalo before moving in 1960 to WLS-AM.

Three years later he left Chicago for Los Angeles on KRLA, then turning around for a syndicated gig on the Mutual broadcasting system which put him on 125 stations, probably reachign more peopel than even on the 50,000-watt WLS-AM. In the late 60s he returnd to Chicago on WCFL-AM. He did a little time in the south, but felt the pull of the deep dish pie. He went back to Chicago again in 1985 on WJMK then an oldies outlet. He was cut when they flipped to Jack about a year ago. In November of last year WZZN 94.7 scooped him up and he's still rocking oldies there.

Dick Biondi was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1998. If you look carefully, you can still find the novelty record he recorded in 1964 “On Top of a Pizza,” it sold over 11,000 copies.