Thursday, July 19, 2007


Coyote McCloud was a popular radio disc jockey in Nashville, TN. His big fame came on his overnight rock program in the 1970s at WMAK. For three decades he's been on air in Nashville. he was also on WYHY, WWKX, WZPC, WRQQ and others. This clip is from his time on WQXI. He had three very notable career peaks. He wrote the theme to Wendys' "where's the beef" commercials. Hwe also did the voice over for the first few years of CMT. He also was one of the subjects of a CBS 48 Hours documentary in 1992 about "shock radio". Of course, much of the content of that special isn't that shocking today.

Today with cohost Cathy Martindale he hosts a morning show, Coyote & Cathy In The Morning on 97.1 WRQQ until fall of 2006. Their non-compete clause has kept them off air in Nashville since then. This clip is from Soundspark. I repost here to spare their bandwidth.

*Update: WFMU came through for all of us and posted an MP3 of the "Where's the Beef" theme by Mr. McCloud. More here.