Friday, April 06, 2007

Mope-itty mope mope de mope mope

It was utterly senseless. Stunts are absurd at times, some completely obtuse. But this is one for the annals of the great book of radio strangeness.

For three days XETRA-AM the Mighty 690 of Tijuana (but serving greater San Diego and far far beyond) played a 3-second sample of the chorus of a single song non-stop. The lyric was "Mope-itty Mope de mope mope mope" Yes, it was utter gibberish.

The song was by the Boss-Tones a Philadelphia-baseed Doo-wop troupe. The song was released on the Boss label in two years prior to the stunt.

The year was 1961. The Mighty 690, being licensed in Mexico was running at a truly tremendous wattage for it's day: 100,000 watts ERP. They covered the Western half of the United States and ran a popular rock format. In those days before the dominance of FM they were a big deal. They maintained a downtown LA studio,and ruled the waves in a way in which no US transmitter could hope to compete.

They run News/Talk these days and bore me to tears: