Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ted Tucker's Personal Jukebox

In 2004 103.1 KCDX began a very unique format. Locally in Globe Arizona it was referred to as "Tucker's personal Jukebox." He was not a Prgram Director or even DJ, nor did you even hear Ted's voice, or any DJ for that matter on the air. Ted's format was a compilation of few thousand thousand old album tracks, and entirely without advertisements. The format won the best rock radio station award in 2004 from the Phoenix New Times.
Today the station remains totally commercial-free broadcasting at 2,700 watts from Florence. The station does not advertise, did nto even bother to put up a website for more than a year. It's owner, a former pharmacist is if anything more furtive himself. Tucker staunchly protects his privacy, refusing to be photographed or fill in many of the specifics of his business and personal life. As to how many radio stations he has sold, his only answer is "several." Tucker has at least some financial interest in five other area stations: KZNO, KSCQ,KNFT, KNFT-AM and KKYZ.

You wont find KCDX in Florence. The station's radio tower is outside of Globe, and its studio as well. Since the station is fully automated the reclusive Tucker is nowhere to be seen. Tucker makes a living "flipping" radio staitons. He owns several Arizona radio stations and has sold many other, but KCDX is the first he turned into his own Ipod. He's made a career upgrading marginal licenses into valulable commodities. For more than 15 years he's been acquiring and creating radio stations in small burgs between metro centers like San Carlos, Oracle, Douglas and Florence. He upgrades their equipment and towers and often files with the FCC for minor and somtimes major improvements.

Tucker makes no promises about the station's future, in fact On in 2000, Tucker filed a Minor Change to a Licensed Facility Application with the FCC to move the main transmitter to a mountain NW of Oracle, AZ. while increasing power to 95 kW. Relating to this he's filed three engineering amendments in 2003 and 2004. If approved, this change would drop KCDX on top of Tucson increasing it's value tremendously. It's hard to beleive with hsi past history that he wont sell it at that point.
Tucker was quoted as saying: "I don't profess to be a master programmer or anything like that. I'm just a guy who likes music," You can listen online here: