Friday, March 23, 2007

Citizen of the Day at KLEM

In 1961, KLEM-AM GM Paul Olson started a tradition. Le Mars restaurants. On that day in 1961, Bernie Madsen was the "Name of the Day." For the honor, Madsen received a family pass to the Royal Theatre." ON that first day on September 7th, Bernie Madsen was the first known "Name of the Day.

The KLEM tradition has continued for 46 years. These days Citizen of the day in Le Mars somes with a lot more perks, The Citizen of the Day is given a flower from Le Mars Flower House, movie or game rental from Jo's Movie House, pizza at Pizza Hut, and a car wash from Easy Clean Car Wash. Dinner a movie and a clean car, is not a bad day at all. After 46 years Le Mars Flower House has feted somthing like 12,000 flowers. List here:

On November 3rd2006 Pres. George Bush Jr. was given the award on his first visit to Le Mars. He did not eat at pizza hut, or get his armored limo washed, or rent a movie. He wouldn't even wear the flower. The rose was delivered by [D] Rep. Ralph Klemme, but The Secret Service agents said it was a security concern. Apparently the flower could contain "a substance." I am guessing that substance they feared was pixie dust? George supposedly used to have quite a taste for the stuff.