Friday, February 02, 2007

Spocko Vs. KSFO-AM

What a comedy this was.

in summary: Nerdy treckie turned Blogger decides he doesn't like the racist jib-jabber and pro-violence blather on some talk programs on KSFO-AM. So he decides to fix it himself. He tapes the program for a few months. He edits together a "best-of reel" containing of some of the most violent, racist, and vile moments from the hundreds of hours of tape and then SENT IT TO THE SPONSORS!. Some Audio here, and here, of the offending remarks.

The sponsors yanked their ads. That got everybodys attention.

The best-of audio montage becomes a popular downloadable. Liberal blogs across the world mock the crap out of hosts like Melanie Morgan, Brian Susman, Lee Rodgers and others. Much fun is had by all. While the quotes are all out of context, they are all actual quotes... the mocking stung in the deep wound of the lost advertisers. The Bay Area-based blogger's days were numbered.

My tale now approaches current events. Over the x-mas break ABC (the owners of KSFO) Issued a cease-and-desist letter that ultimately led Spocko's ISP to shut down his blog. On the morning of January 11th, on the KSFO Morning Show, co-host Ms.Morgan launched an assault on Mr. Spocko. More here.

Ms. Morgan admitted that advertizers have pulled their advertising from KSFO. And responded as follows "We have been under attack here at KSFO radio... It is something that has been quite disturbing to us at a number of levels but we are prepared to fight back against people who are trying to get us fired here at KSFO radio and who are trying to deprive us of a livelihood and who are trying to deprive us of our free speech rights... these audio clips which are out of context, old, or in some cases just outright lies." They went on to lambast Spocko for using a psedonym... despite the fact that many radio personalsities do the same thing.

The part that amuses me is the accusation that the audio is essentialy fake. It's abundantly clear that while the audio is out of context, it is real. Morgan clearly got her britches burned. Actually the following companies have pulled out: Aetna Insurance, Borders Books , Bank of America, California State AAA , In-N-Out Burger and MasterCard

In it's heyday in the 1950's KSFO was owned by Gene Autry, and it's morning show had the modern equivalent of a 30 share. That programs host Don Sherwood , was another bad boy of radio. Since those wonderful pioneering days, KSFO has gone talk and become just another outlet for right talk radio. You can read about it's history here with audio clips.

In my opinion... That program didn't like the taste of their own medicine. Djs' regularly use pseudonyms and take quotes out of context, and will gleefully will spur the verbal lynching of any public figure major or minor for the sake of their own ego or fame. Spocko got the best of them, and Ms. Morgan & co. threw a tantrum. ABC was withing their rights insisting that the ISP pull down the audio, but the ISP overreacted by yanking the site entirely. I don't think it's all played out yet. We'll see what it did for their ratings in 60 days.