Thursday, February 08, 2007

Radio station on Ebay

It's still uncommon, but the first time has come and gone as had the second and third and now partial ownership has been bought and sold and now people even aution off internet radio stations as if those have any assets of value. I've even seen DJ's sell themselves on enay. (click header) I broached the topic of the third last week, so now I'll start at the beginning.

It was April 1st of 2002 that Matt Wesolowski and Mike Adkins became the proud owners of WYAB 93.1 FM, a 4,100-watt stick in Yazoo City, Miss. Matt got the radio bug back at WREK as the Sports director. He and Adkins had been looking to start a station for five year but they channel auction kept getting delayed.

WYAB was a fixer upper. The transmitter was junk. The tower needed work and the station barely made $600 pere month in sales with a staff of two. Wesolowski and Adkins pooled their life savings of less than $40,000 to get the financing. Today the station is solvent and a tight-knit part of the community. SSR communications currently plans to acquare additional stations.

Number 2 is a mystery. i've been told it was WTNS-AM but I can't find a coinciding change in ownership.

The third as previously mentioned was KTHO. You can read the gory details here. In March of 2003 KTHO's owner put the station up for sale on eBay. Included are the station's license, studio equipment, and programming. Perhaps the sweetest part of the deal, however, is the transmitter site, which includes two 300-foot towers, plus nearly nine acres of tree-studded land in the Tahoe basin.Minimum bid for the station is $450,000,

the movement appears to have petered out, with no stations sold on ebay from 2003 through 2007 and moset recently a station in spain selling 50% of ownership on ebay for $50,000 and getting zero bids. With the nuance wearing thin, owners go back to the trade magazines.