Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A proclamation for 2007

Alternative rock is not dead, though the death of Rock radio has been predicted since 1994...

Though there are fewer rock and modern rock radio outlets on the air today than there were a year ago, (or 2 years ago) Nielsen SoundScan figures from the first 41 weeks of 2005 show modern rock album sales at 90.1 million units. This is 20.8% of the total domestic market.

That exceeds the 20.1 % it had through the same time period for the year 2004. If the numbers hold, this will mark the eighth straight year that modern rock has had a market-share increase.

So why is rock being cut in market after market for more AC, country and Latin Stations? We're lost powerhouse major market staitons in the last year like KLOL, WPLY, WOXY, and even WXRK. So will 2007 be the last year for rock? possibly.

but I think the Ipod fueled paranoia is over. It's abundantly clear where the market share has gone and where it's going and ultimately rock is going to be as effected by the media platform changes as any other format. There's no reason to ditch your alternative rock format and go Hurban becuase you dont understand Myspace, Youtube, podcasts or P2P. There will be no escaping the changes.