Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Portsmouth pronounced Portsmuth

Nobody can spell in these coastal towns. They say one thing... then spell something else. There's only one station of interest based-in Portsmouth that's WSCA-LP an actual Low Power community station. Unlike their smooth jazz bretheren a couple hundred miles north, they actually program a variety of music in a block format but comfortably free-form within the individual shows. How retro.

But you can also hear the infamous 91.3 WUNH from Durham all over the city. So the local trendy hipsters have two totally differend places to get their indie rock. Interestingly enough, they scooped their calls just a few years before the University of New Haven went looking for a set. They ended up settling for the close WNHU calls.

...and oh yes they do have a wide assortmend of modish hipsters. Thankfully their presence in such numbers supports both good restaurants, coffee shops, record stores and bookstores. As you well know hipsters like to read books to impress their friends, keep obscure CDs in the car for the same reason and then have stimulating coversation on the aformentioned over a late night coffee. While I do mock them freely, I do frequent all the same jopints because I'm both a music and literature snob. let me caveat that: I'm not a real snob. I just have very exclusive bad taste.

It was damn cold again so I bought a tea and a pecan butterscotch cookie at Cere's Bakery. The cookies stayed in the car and the tea went with me everywhere to keep my hands warm. I really could just have used a cup of hotwater but for some reason I tossed in a tea bag called Stubby Jack? anyway it was on the top row beside the Darjeeling. I find tea interesting to read about but in general it tastes bad. I browsed at a record store called Bullmoose which was spectacular. Every music geek alive wants one of these in their town. They had a Blues section, and it actually had a Barbecue Bob CD on the rack. That says it all. [Hoyts Office Products down the street selling restored Royal uprigh typewriters was just icing.]

I returned home after a very long conversation, and more handwarming tea, catching a great blues show in about the same place on I-95 this time on 91.7 WHUS out of UCONN. They hit some tracks from the new John Hammond album, and totally avoided referencing his far superior album of Tom Waits covers, Wicked grin. Vinny, The host of American highway 61, didn't have much to say, but he never does.