Monday, January 15, 2007

Georgetown City Fire Department

105.7 WGEO fm replaced the earlier version of Georgetown Radio when the city owned WPKY-AM 886, a low power AM Radio Station.

During "non-emergency" times, the station continuously broadcasts tourist information and traffic conditions, highways, area history and city government. (Except in December when they broadcast bland holiday music like everyone else.) But when the City needs to get information out they simply go live reach their citizens instantly.

Its main purpose is to keep city residents informed in the case of disaster. After Hugo in 1989, it was very hard for City Residents to get information about help and assistance. During the 1996 Hurricane Season, two storms brushed our coast causing a full evacuation of the beaches and coastline. Miles of evacuating motorists clogged the highways and needed information. these catastrophic situations taught the cities emergency services that they needed a better way to reach their people. And what's more universal than radio?

The City of Georgetown, SC also brags that WGEO broadcasts "The most Comprehensive List of City Government Meetings and Events you can listen to in your car. " Nifty. I was more impressed with the emergency services myself.

FYI: the WPKY calls have wandered off to a random sports talker near Paducah in Princeton, Kentucky.