Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Frank Zappa at WFZR

I read a small note in an article Here about an all-Zappa radio station. What an idea. There are dozens of arcane stories abotu eccentircly programed pirates and stations, but this one is certainly real. Most of the others are just rumors in the ether.They play an inordinate amount of Frank Zappa at WFZR or so the article said. So I went and looked it up. Jeff used to work as an engineer for a bunch of radio stations. but he, like many of us finds those pre-programmed, predictable, short and repetative playlist to be boring. So in 1999 he started his own sans license. He dedicated the station's playlist exclusively to the recorded works of Frank Zappa.

In 2002, he decided to so online, put up a website and start streaming. Jeff got a little tired of Zappa and added another 9,000 songs to the playlist from hsi personal collection. He changed frequencies from 90.7 to 89.1 and increased his coverage area maximizing his one watt. You can hear it in most of West End I hear. I shoudl make a drive thru and check it out.