Saturday, February 24, 2007

A foundation to keep KBRD going

There are thousands of radio stations incorporated as non-profits. But this is somthing special, in a legally incorporated sense. KBRD is owned by a non-profit, tax free foundation but this one called "FOR THE MUSIC FOUNDATION" was started by Skip Marrow's estate. Yeah, Skip here left hsi life savings toward keeping KBRD just the way he left it. He didn't have quite the nest egg for that to happen so they are taking donations.

Long before anyone had thought up the Jack-FM branded concept of "we play what we want." there were actually stations that really did play whatever they want. Olympia businessman Skip Marrow bought himself a small AM station to do just that. Skip had some funny taste. About the most current thing in skips MP3 player was Leon Redbone.

Skips maxing his credit cards to make this wild radio station dream happen. he's got everythign running with chewing gum and duct tape. KLDY only had two 300 disc CD players 1 microphone and an antique cart player that comes on at the top of the hour to announce the legal ID. It is the largest juke box in America. Then the landlord tells Skip that his transmitter needs to move. Skip mortgaged everything he owned and bought a second staiton to move his hardware to that tower. To do it he ended up running 2 stations from his living room.

So Skip kicks it in 2005. But he set up a foundation to keep KBRD going. The foundation has decided to sell KLDY-AM to a Colorado company oddly named Seattle Streaming. The sale will free up money to accomplish one of Marrow's longtime goals: Boosting KBRD's power from the current daytime operation at 250 watts to 800, including some limited nighttime broadcasting.