Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Radio Irony

KNLS is one of the more ironic religious talkers I've heard of. In 1976,mere months after they raised funds and formed a board of directors, their two founding members died in a plane crash. Some saw it as the will of god, that there were already more than enough christian broadcasters. Others decided to ignore the will of god and built the damn thing anyway in 1981.

Its tough to build anything in Alaska. You want to build something off the beaten track? Tough, there is no track, you have to build a track in order to get off of it. A mile of road had to be cut through the rugged Alaskan landscape just to reach the future building site. Wells were dug, housing installed, the antennas erected, and the transmitter building constructed. Tragedy struck again just as this building neared completion. The damn building burned down.

Despite God's obvious efforts to stop them, New Life Radio cashed the insurance check and bought a 100,00 watt transmitter and fired it up in July of 1983.

At 100,000 watts they are very audible in the Eastern Soviet Union. On the plus side A communist journal once even accused the station of being supported by the CIA.