Wednesday, December 20, 2006

North Pole Radio

There is no radio at the north pole, at least not the magnetic pole.
However the towns of
North Pole, AK
North Pole, ID
North Pole, NY
North Pole, OK

all are well supplied.

North Pole Alaska is right outside Fairbanks and even has AM side NPR outlet. The town of North Pole has it's own local staiton KJNP AM & FM. It's a religious outlet: King Jesus North Pole.

North Pole Idaho is next door to Spokane, Washington and is similarly well-serviced
North Pole, New York is on the outskirts of the Burlington-Plattsburgh market and while not exactly cosmopolitain has at least some basic offerings and some Canadian outlets as well.

North Pole Oklahoma is about as barren as the actual north pole. The nearest town of signifigance is Idabel OK. Its about 150 miles NE of Dallas i.e. nowhere.

There is also a pretty sweet indie rock band named North Pole Radio: