Monday, December 18, 2006

First High School Radio Station

For the purposes of this post, High school radio staiton will be defined as a radio station, with its studios located at a high school. It's operation by highschool students is a plus, not mandatory.

Stations like these existed in the late 1920s. but there is very little recorded about these stations,much like other LP broadcasters of the era. It goes without saying that the schedules were erratic, the off air tie was greater than on air time and that it was all live. In 1934 that nifty communications act knocked nyone off air that wouldn't play by the rules. This included the hobies run stations at high schools.

By the late forties Highschool radio made a come back. WHHS 99.9 at at Haverford High. near Philadelphia was foundedin 1949 as the nation's first high school FM station. really they were the first one that was licensed but whos quibbling?
WHHS began as an experiment in radio electronics at Haverford High School. Oscar Granger, achool principal on that era decided file for a frequency. With the help of a physics teacher and a chemistry teacher, the experiment turned into a thriving success. But as a class D staiton they had little right to protect their contour. In 1992, from the FCC made them change frequencies from 89.3 FM to 107.9 FM. Only in 2005 more change ups in Philly forces them to make another move to 99.9.

88.1 WNAS, Nashville makes a similar claim and was founded in 1949, but actually is only the second. WHHS beats them by two months. what can I say? Highschool kids aren't so good at research.