Thursday, December 14, 2006

DJ Lee Harvey Oswald

Everybody sees him as the lone stranger, the deranged loner and the evil communist sympathizer. But that's the way we write history in America. Presidential assasins always act alone right? they're never part of a conspiracy let alone a national socialist surge within our borders.

So ok, maybe he acted alone. Who cares, he definitely was a Marxist in good standing. So much so, he was invited to debate Bill Slatter and Billy Stuckey in the New Orleans radio studio of 1280 WDSU-AM on the evening of August 21, 1963. Yes that's just a few weeks prior to assassinating President Kennedy on November 22, 1963.


My readers who saw Oliver Stone's film "JFK" may recall a short scene where Oswald is depicted debating a Cuban man in a radio studio. That's it. WDSU actually kept the tape of the debate and later re-enacted the event on WDSU-TV. Click the header to give it a listen.

The debate was arranged by journalist Bill Stuckey. Instead of discussing Cuba as Bringuier had successfully done in a previous radio program, Oswald was publicly confronted with the lies and omissions he had made concerning his life and background and became audibly upset. Within a month Oswald left New Orleans and returned to Dallas. After the event Oswald's political work in New Orleans ended. Most of Oswald's "activities" consisted of passing out flyers to pedestrians.

The program is rarely quoted in programs on Oswald. Reporters seem to prefer the later quote:
Reporter: "Did you shoot the President?"
Lee Harvey Oswald: "No. I'm just a patsy. I'm just a patsy"