Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Darian O'Toole takes a nap

Radio can be a lonely job. The nights can be late the days can start early and they can run long blending into one long tiresome day. Coffee is a popular substance in radioland and though it's less often discussed so is dexadrine and a number of other over-the-counter stimulants. But still, sometimes the one manning the mic nods off.

It's a capital offense in radioland. Thou shalt not takes nap. So when Darian O'Toole started snoozing, it was no wonder that KIFR canned her. It might have something to do with her rambling incoherently and then nodding off while the mic was on. ...damn I'd love a tape of that.

Free FM is a brave new brand and it was only launched by Infinity to try desperately to maintain some of the TSL and QSL they had with Howard Stern. The King of All Media, had solid numbers after all these decades and they were committed to a certain drop off, but not an actual nod off.
They were so peeved they erased all references to O'Toole on the Free FM website overnight. PD Ken Kohl came stonewalled it saying only "I'm not free to discuss personnel issues," He politely avioded addressing the accusations of her painkiller "problem" and her supposed time in rehab.

O'Toole who is a Frisco residenty by way of Canada has been fired from some killer gigs, in New York and in San Francisco before. On http://www.darianotoole.com/ she put up a petitian to "bring back Darian. Nothing came of it apparently. She continues to maintain her blog here: http://darianotoole.blogspot.com/