Friday, November 17, 2006

Underground Radio

Planning and zoning is a total headache. Those doddering town council types are always trying to protect us from the installation of small metal poles on top of already towering buildings. Why do these goobers hate antennas so much? before cable we had antennas on EVERY building that provided ANY housing and many that didn't. Well these same tards have problems with towers, tower shacks and well they want you to respect their authoritay!

So in California this extends to all extremes of silliness and good engineers have to go to greater and greater legnths to outsmart these needlessly intrusive regulations and still have functional hardware at the end of the build.

Above is pictured the transmitter building for KMLT, Thousand Oaks, CA. notice that you see nothing. That is because it's buried underground to satisfy the community's "Open Space" land-use regulation. Personally I am impressed. More pictures here.

*Jill FM logo from totally reccomend you visit their site. They are to LA what DCRTV is to the capital.