Friday, November 10, 2006

Radio Preachers Part 4!

It's the mystery of the vanishing donations! He begs for money. Gulible guilty people send it to him and mysteriously it vanishes. Where did it go? Did he steal it? Did the post man bury it in the woods? did the money ever exist in the first place? Nobody seems to know. I do know that The Bible Answer Man Broadcast can be heard in all 48 contiguous states Canada and the Phillipines. This includes WAVA in D.C., KCCV Kansas City, WFIL-AM Philly, KKMS-AM Minneapolis and 570 WMCA-AM in NYC. He is everywhere.

Hank Hanegraaff, a radio personality known as the "Bible Answer Man," said that for three months, envelopes addressed to his ministry's post office box in Rancho Santa Margarita, California were routed to a local business. That company, Hanegraaff said, tossed the letters in the trash... EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE FULL OF CASH.

Hanegraaff said that the mix-up may have resulted in the loss of "hundreds of thousands of dollars" because it happened during the last three months of the year, when the ministry traditionally receives 17% of its nearly $8 million in annual donations.

U.S. Postal Service officials said they are not aware of any major problems with mail delivered to Hanegraaff's Christian Research Institute, and that no manager at the Rancho Santa Margarita branch had spoken with ministry officials. "Nobody knows about this," said Richard Maher, U.S. Postal Service spokesman for Southern California. I.E. they never complained that the got no mail for three months...

In 2002 the Christian Research Institute ran a deficit of $560,000 according to their own tax records. He earned $280,000 in salary and allowances in 2002, and his wife, Kathy, received $111,000. Hanegraaff has been criticized for his spending habits including his board-approved 2003 Lexus sports car...

In 1994 CRI accused the Hankster of numerous ethical lapses, financial theft, tax fraud, and a shocking list of other criminal activities including violation of the federal racketeering act. The suit was clsoed in 1995 under mediation.