Friday, October 20, 2006


Here are the correct answers.... If you feel your answer is still valid feel free to debate me. Very eloquently argued wrong answers may amuse me enough to put you in the winners pool.

1. What radio station in the U.S. currently has the largest coverage area over land?
A: WHOM 94.9 Mt. Washington ME, it also has the highest HAAT.

2. What U.S. Radio station has the facility ID 666?
A: WFTA 101.9 FM Fulton,MS

3. Name any two of the five most powerful (highest wattage) U.S. radio stations.
A: Any of these would be correct:
#1WBCT 93.7 Grand Rapids, MI -320,000 watts
#2 WOOD 105.7 Grand Rapids, MI -265,000 watts
#3 WOMC 104.3 Detroit, MI -190,000 watts
#4 WNCI 97.9 Columbus, OH -175,000 watts
#5 WSLQ 99.1 Roanoke, VA -150,000 watts

4. Name any radio station owned by the YMCA.
A: KYMC 89.7 FM St. Louis

5. Name two Class D radio stations still active today.
A: WHHS, WQAQ, WRTE, WBRS etc. There are a lot of right answers to this...

6. Name me two of the three "green-powered" radio stations in the U.S. (hydroelectric, solar and wind-powered) A: KTAO, WJFF, KBSJ ... KTHO is an acceptable substitute

7. Where did the most powerful transmission originate?
A: In Arecibo, PR a SETI array about 10 tera watts!

8. What do the call letters WNBS stand for?
A: Nathan B. Stubblefield. bonus point for anything obscene I didn't already think of.

9. What radio man discovered that a 325 grain, .375 H&H Magnum will penetrate 73 carts?
A: Chuck Lakaytis, formerly of CML Broadcasting currently of Alaska Public Broadcasting in Anchorage, AK... it's possible there are other correct answers to this, but I doubt it.

10. What public radio station experimented with multicasting 11 channels in (IBOC) HD?
A: WFAE 90.7 Charlotte, NC