Wednesday, October 25, 2006

L. Ron Hubbard fights Nazi radio

I dont have much detail on this one... But it's deeply amusing.

I dont know if you've read any of L. Ron Hubbard's bogus autobigraphy that is so cherished by scientologists. But if you get the change, please do. I can assure you that it contains some off the best literary comedic fodder of the last century.

He claims that a couple years after dropped out [failed out] of George Washington University's school of engineering, L. Ron Hubbard was piloting a boat up the Alaskan coast line.

This was less than two years before Pearl Harbor, but even as a civilian Ron Hubbard claims to have been already begun fighting the Nazis. He stopped his boat at Ketchikan. In that small city he met the owner of KGBU-AM radio. Evidently the area had been experiencing mysterious interference in the station's transmissions. Ron immediately knew it had to be : it the work of a German spy! Hubbard made a full report to the FBI, thus thwarting the plot.

For some reason, the government still denies that this ever took place, but then they deny a lot of stuff we know to be true.

930 KGBO-AM later changed calls to KTKN-AM to avoid any association with the embarassingly stupid Scientologists. It's a solid talker, the kind that still runs Paul Harvey every day.

Ron's own webpage still befouls the calls of KGBU: