Friday, October 06, 2006


It began on 02/02/2006, a new Low Power station 104.5 KCFL-LP in Fall City right outside Seattle, WA founded itself as a tribute to Chicago's WCFL. WCFL was a union owned radio station in Chicago with it's own rich history. So Rich I wrote it up last year in this post.

Only months ago this oddball archive format switched to become a tribute to KYA, complete with vintage KYA jingles. Their current site here. They snuck through in the very last LP FM window and now appear to be changing format to become a tribute to a new classic station every 6 months. I wish I knew more.If you look here you can see they intend to blanket NW Washington with repeaters...
They're already operating a number of these already.
KCFL 104.5 Fall City / Sammamish / Snoqualmie
KYAO 89.5 Ocean Shores / Westport
KATO 94.3 Aberdeen / Hoquiam
K233BU 94.5 Seattle/Bellevue/Kirkland (temporarily off the air)
K249DX 97.7 Redmond/Bellevue - coming August 2006

Those last two repeaters at least used to belong to Skagit Valley College radio station KSVR a bastion of weirdness in the valley. That is a tad sketchy. More here.