Friday, September 08, 2006

More Travel & More News

I will be traveling 9/10 thru 9/16 posting may be erratic.
I've been researching more about the WQAQ fandango and found some interesting facts.
1. Quinnipiac only bought their AM outlet in 1996. NERW Archive here
"Small Connecticut AM signal has been sold. WXCT 1220 in Hamden, a suburb of New Haven, is being sold by Milstar Broadcasting to Quinnipiac College in Hamden... WXCT has a long and colorful history, including stints as WDEE, WCDQ, WOMN ..., WSCR, and WNNR...and just about every format in the book, including multiple tries at top 40, country, and oldies. Most recently, WXCT has been a Spanish-language broadcaster. An educated guess is that WXCT will become WQAQ-AM, simulcasting Quinnipiac's WQAQ-FM 88.3."
Oh how things have changed...

2. As recently as 2003 Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems was trying to improve that tower, not tear it down: