Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Greaseman Returns!

The Greaseman has had many opportunities to celebrate his return. This because he's been fired a ot. I cant' state catagorically that he's moved more than any other Morning Show Host in history... let's just say he gets points for persistence. As a self-described "god-fearing, truck-driving redneck" it kind of fits in.

The Graseman first met strong resistance to his fictional persona at WRC-AM 980. Actually Doug Tracht was asked by management in 1974 to drop the cahracter or leave. He left. It was not his first departure, no, it was already his fifth. He'd already been through WICB, WTKO-AM, WENE-AM, and WAXC-AM.

The Greaseman found a new life bitching about the plow drivers at WPOP in Hartford Connecticut. Things went pretty well, running smoothly for over a year. Then WPOP went all news and The Greaseman was back in the box. Two months later he was back at the mic this time in Jacksonville, FL on WAPE. He might have stayed there but the opportunity to fill the "Howard Stern void" in Washington D.C. DC 101 had been #1 in the ratings with Stern until his 1982 firing. The Greaseman could not resist the challenge. And he succeeded. WWDC stayed #1. He didnt' stay #1 forever, but he stayed popular enough to manage a mock presidential run in 1984 against Regan. (wene image from binghamton His stay lasted a decade and then he felt the need to spread his reach further. The Greaseman wanted more. In 1993 he left DC/101 to launch a syndicated radio show with the Infinity Broadcasting Corporation. Actually that kind of pissed off Stern especially after the WWDC thing. teh show tanked. It died in Atlanta, Los Angeles and then New York. Infinity tried to push it in smaller markets but the writing was on the wall. Syndication was not working for the lovable greaseball. And he didn't undertand why! Why dont the same sexist jokes and politically incorrect schtick work in syndication? Nobody knows greasman. Nobody knows.

He was rescued from obscurity by a very wise WARW who knew that the Greasemans mojo works in dirty DC. Who gives a damn if they dont get it in Atlanta, they dont need it to. In 2001 after a little time off he decided to make a more ginger attempt at syndication. This time it took. He's now on air at WARW, WGOP-AM, and WMET-AM. .. all D.C. stations I might add.