Thursday, August 31, 2006

Named for Radio

I know the pic is blurry it's the intersection of Broadcast St. and Rankin Lake. It was late and I was tired, lost and hugry somewhere near the Virginia/North Carolina border. (After I took the pic I ate at Denny's got a hotel and bought a map).
We've all driven on, or past radio Avenue, or Radio Drive. There are easily a hundred streets named "Transmitter" Road. They're usually tucked up in the hills, right below the tower farm, but it's a real road. What is less common is the naming of an entire town after radio. This has happened only four times in the United States.

The United States has 5 places with Radio in their name:
Radio Junction, Texas ...on route 90 near Copperas
Radio Springs, Georgia ...just outside Rome I drove through it last year.
Radioville, Indiana ...Rte 421 south of Valparasio*
Radioville, Puerto Rico ...? near Arecibo I am told.
Radio Range Park, Ohio its a tower farm, but somebody incorporated it near Hamilton Ohio for some reason. Home of WHSS the most organized high school radio station in America. It's run by GM Dave Spurrier a great american and long time radio man.

*Incidently radioville was 1. a website about pittsburgh radio and also an advertising company in the UK. These four things are all unrelated.