Friday, August 11, 2006

Lafayette, Travel Misive #5

Continental Airlines emailed me a little love note just to say that due to the over-blown neo-con milked minor terrorist problem in England, I need to arrive at the airport 3 hours early, and I cannot bring any liquids thru bag check.

I am fine with the liquids. Should have happened already. But the 3 hour early arrival is just more time wasted in addition to the flight delays I already know will occur. Tomorrow I will get up before the sun, and I will not return home until after the sun goes down.

Anyway... Lafayette was also the name of an early manufacturer of radio parts and transistors. They're based in Sossyet. They also made retail radio radios like the Lafayette KT-135, a four band regenerative receiver. It was one the last regenerative radios made before E.H. Armstrong revolutionized reception with the regenerative feedback circuit. (before superheterodyne) More here.

The Super Heterodyne took a radio signal and feeding it back into the same tube repeatedly, creating gain, thereby strengthening the signal. the simple regenerative receiver could not do this,. The result of trying to turn up the regeneration control for more gain would eventually cause the receiver to break into a oscillation i.e bad noises. Speaking of bad noises, I've already listened to what the local dial has to offer:
88.7 KRVS -Triple A
101.1 KBON -Americana/Cajun
960 KROF-AM -Nostalgia
1240 KANE-AM -Cajun
1450 KSIG-AM -Nostalgia
1520 KFXZ -Gospel

I had been looking forward to hearing KJCB-AM 770 which has been described as a full-service variety station buts its all been Soft Ac so far as I've heard. KRVS has a reggae show on now, which is reason enough to turn the radio off.