Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Biloxi to Baton Rouge, Travel Missive #2

1370 WCOA-AM was the first radio station in Pensacola, and the last I listened to as I blew town this morning. http://www.wcoapensacola.com/ It is a station many older residents still feel indebted to in this often storm-struck coast. In 1926 there was no national storm warning service. So when the staff of WCOA received telephone reports from the Southeast of a severe hurricane they urged citizens in low lying areas to evacuate. It was their first year on air, and for them a landmark in their history twice over. Today they are a typical local talker.

I got to Biloxi by lunch time but avoided eating in town. I was in a neighborhood near Gulfsport and there is nothing there really. Everything here is either brand new or a rubble heap. This was the center of the Katerina storm surge last year. Somehow Coast Radio Group (aka Dowdy) building survived despite their close proximity to the St. Louis Bay.

Notable stations that made me turn off the new Black KeysCD:
106.1 WMTI (Nostalgia)
1320 WRJW-AM (country oldies)
102.9 KMEZ (one of the REAL rythmic oldies outlets)
1420 WIGG-AM Americana
1600 KLEB-AM cajun

...and tonight I am going to listen to the Minister on WWOZ and nobody is gong to stop me