Monday, February 15, 2010

Radio Campesina

I knew nothing of the Radio Campesina network, and the translation their Spanish-only webpage into English with was comical. Idiomatic expressions translate poorly leaving me extremely curious why "NFWSC by its acronyms in groins" among other things.

Their network consists of eight stations currently:

KUFW 90.5 FM Visalia, CA - launched 1983

KNAI 88.3 FM, Phoenix, AZ - launched 1990

KMYX 92.5 FM Bakersfield, CA - launched 1993

KSEA 107.9 FM Salinas, CA - launched 1998

KRCW 96.3 FM Tri-Cities, WA - launched 1999

KBHH 95.3 FM Ash, CA - launched 2001

KCEC 104.5 FM in Yuma, AZ - launched 2001

KRIT 93.9 FM Parker, AZ - launched 2002

The words "Radio Campesina" translate to Rural Radio. In radioland the term "Rural" evokes the idea of the old full-service farm stations. It's strangely accurate. Radio Campesina is a network of eclectically programmed spanish radio stations. The Network began in 1966 at the National Center of Services for Rural Inc. NFWSC which was founded by Dolores Huerta, César Chavez and Walter Reuther with the support of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

NFWSC was conceived as a non-profit organization social organization serving the needs of America's Latino population. They worked mostly in housing and education. Chavez wanted a media platform to help their other initiatives. This dovetailed with their civic goals of improving the lives of rural Hispanics.Radio Campesina began in 1983 with the launch of 90.5 KUFW. They have sought out licenses in small farming communities with large Hispanic populations on the West coast. They have remained focused on their original goals.

Radio Campesina survived the death of César Chavez in 1993. You might even say they've prospered. They went on to add 5 more stations. His son Anthony Chávez is the current president of Radio Campesina. There are only 34 spanish community stations in America and 8 of them are part of Radio Campesina. César Chávez's birthday, March 31, is celebrated in California as a state holiday.