Wednesday, July 05, 2006

NEW FORMAT... supposedly

Each time I read about a new radio format I opt to immediately announce its arrival to the world, usually with the quite hope it will die shortly.

Do I sound bitter? Well I am. Most "new" radio formats are dull, homogeneous combinations of old existing formats introduced by consultants that get paid a lot more than I do and thereby feel the obligation to use the word "synergy" with a straight face. There is nothing clever about taking two overlapping demos and cramming their top 100s into a single playlist. Jack was nothing new, it was a whole lot of everything old. Hurban is Urban but with spanish lyrics.

But about KMBY. A nice little alternative rocker with a nifty little R.A.T.M. looking logo.

According to M-street, KMBY of the Monterey-Salinas market CA announced a tweak to its format from Alternative to (drumroll please) ...........a hybrid of Alternative, Active Rock and Hip-Hop.

In my mind I can only imagine this coming out as Active Rock with "jump Around" in heavy rotation. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this is cool like the Judgment Night Soundtrack.

Only time will tell.