Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Five States Radio

On the FM dial it is unusual to reach more than 2 states. Most cover only one. Some major metropolitan areas are on state lines such as St. Louis, Philadelphia, Omaha, Las Vegas etc. which is where we see clusters of such stations. For FM it's dictated entirely by geography. Only the Paducah-Cape Girardeau, MO and the Four Corners regions allow an FM to even attempt to cover more than 4 states.But on the AM band it is much more common to sprawl over multiple states. Strangely it's fallen out of favor to brand a station with this massive coverage. Stations have been drilled with the "local, local, local" mantra that consultants have been repeating at FM stations. Local is important. I am in favor of local, but if your coverage stretches over say a 5 state area and no major cities... fire the consultant.

There are exceptions of course. KBHB has embraced it's hundred thousand acres of nowhere. They call themselves "Five State Ranch Radio" or "Five State Farm Radio." Their one-sheet is a testament to ignoring formulaic consultants.

Most Powerful Radio Station in Western South Dakota
Most Extensive Livestock, Commodity and Financial Markets.

Western South Dakota's ONLY Farm Station

Most Local and World News

Most Listened-To Broadcaster in the World … Paul Harvey

Most Weather … In-Studio Radar with Forecasts Every 15 Minutes
Most Intensely Loyal Adult Audience

Classic Country Music Spanning Seven Decades

Most Spending Power. Adult Radio.
Targets and Delivers a 35+ Audience.