Monday, June 26, 2006


Never done a contest before, so this may be too hard for some laypeople, and too easy for radio geeks. Or the prize could be so lame that no one cares.

Below is an AM band scan done at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).
Your mission, should you choose to take it, is to identify my location. I will not be including the signal stregnth because that makes it too damn easy. Guesses can be exact or general, city, state, province, GPS... whatever. Entertainingly funny guesses may win regardless.

A copy of the mix CD that I made for the 14+ hour drive to this top secret location.
It's a long ass drive, so It must have been good right? You email your best guess with mailing address to [that42 at hotmail dot com] and I mail out the CD-Rs.

-One guess per person
-The top 5 best guessses win, if you guess planet earth and only 3 people enter you still win.
-Winners should expect me to procrastinate for at least a week before anything gets mailed
-There is no deadline, the contest is "active" until 5 correct-ish entries are submitted.
-Winners names and addresses will not be revealed, but MSN can be relied upon to hand over all emails to Homeland security for Dick Cheneys personal dystopian gratification.

540 - CBT-AM (CBC Radio one)
590 - VOCM-AM (country & talk)
600 - CBNA-AM (CBC Radio one) [also CKCL-AM]
630 - CFCY-AM (country)
660 - WFAN-AM (sports talk)
680 - WRKO-AM (talk)
720 - CHTN-AM (oldies)
780 - CFDR-AM (country)
790 - CFAN-AM (AC)
800 - CHRC-AM (french talk)
880 - WCBS-AM (news talk)
910 - WABI-AM (adult standards)
1010 - CFRB-AM (news talk) [ also WINS-AM]
1030 - WBZ-AM (news)
1050 - WEPN-AM ESPN radio
1130 - WBBR-AM (buisness news)
1140 - CJTR-AM (variety)
1180 - WHAM-AM (news)
1210 - WPHT-AM (talk)
1240 - CJRW-AM (country)
1470 - WLAM-AM (standards)
1520 - WWKB-AM (talk)

I reccomend you use if you are unfamiliar with transmitter plotting. Their maps are simple and user-friendly.

Good luck to all.