Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Memphis to Knoxville without stopping.

Memphis was a quick stop. Even so, I could tell that 88.5 WQOX was more eclectic than I had been led to beleive. Some man with a high-pitched voice was explaining about the UFO's printing up 5-dollar bills. Also in Memphis; Despite a reputation to the contrary 89.9 WEVL was a rock solid college station. I caught Cap'n Pete's Blues Cruise before bed and the Bluff City Barn dance early in the morning before hitting Denny's.

NOTE: only ever order off the breakfast menu at denys.

I got to hear 91.5 WFHU for the first time as I drove through Jackson. They've always had thsi off reputation, both as a supporter of indie rock but also being very very religious and conservative. So while they may obsessively play songs from an artists catalog, they will also sternly refuse to play the single, because of a reference to "crotch-shaking. C'est la vi.

To be honest after I left Jackson there wasn't much radio until I hit Nashville. While Nashville is a Thrill, I've written them up before. I stopped for lunch and got back to driving.

There was a small cluster around Cookeville East of Nashville. Tennesse Tech's WTTU 88.5 was very cool. I tried to find their logo online but only found the World Traditional Taekwondo Union. While their logo is funny, it's not the right one.

I had no time to stop in Knoxville. I caught WDVX briefly, I opted to listened to WUTK until it faded out. For those of you who dont know, WDVX is about as much of a taste-maker as a station gets in Americana and Triple-A. WUTK was playing the new audio Bully's album. Knoxville used to have a pretty renowned pirate KFAR. but they were shut down KFAR Board

Then I drove on to Bristol VA where I heard WETS breifly before checking in to the hotel. The program was Out On A Limb. It's a harder and more progressive americana playlist than say roots & branches.

All that and I never even caught Paul Hitchcock on WMKY... His Nothin' But The Blues program has been on for over a decade and is the stuff of legend.