Thursday, November 03, 2005

Traveler Information

If you have tourists, you want to corall them. A state needs to keep those silly tourists out of trouble and on the main roads. Florida has a lot of tourists...

Florida's Traveler Information Radio Network (TiRN) is a public-private co-operative effort between The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and TiRN Broadcasting. Inc. TiRN's stated mission is "To enhance the travel experience in the world's permier family vacation destination." In other words: "cut down on the frantic calls to 9-1-1"

TiRN's talk travel radio format is designed to provide both visitors and residents of Florida with timely traffic and weather interspersed with commercial and feature presentations of all the fun places to visit, stay, and enjoy both statewide and in the local area. TiRN is broadcasting throughout Central and Northern Florida, and soon the entire state.

Their affiliates are as follows:
WTIR-1680 AM: Is their flagship station. It serves Central Florida. i.e. Disney World. (why sint disney paying for this?)

WFVR 910 AM: Serves the Valdosta, Georgia are and reaches travelers as they enter Florida on 1-10 and on 1-75 in North Central Florida.

WXXU 1300 AM: Broadcasts from Cocoa Beach, Florida, as their East Coast Affiliate.