Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The [Evil] ways of Hoosier Public Radio Corp.

Most radio people are familiar with the evil attempts of religious satcasters to seize airtime forcably from innocent hard-working non-commercial stations.

One such organization is Hoosier Public Radio Corporation (HPC), an [evil] Indiana radio organization with religious ties, [but no affiliations with any actual legit public radio groups.] They filed time share challenges against radio stations at one Kentucky college and four high schools and one college in Indiana; Franklin College’s WFCI. In this unique situation, Hoosier is not attacking a single high school station local to their group. No. HPC is blanketing a tri state area of educational frequencies with multiple goundless time-share challenges. It's a shot-gun approach, that has nothing to do with serving the community and everything to do with the eventual pay off.

Hoosier Public Radio Corp Currently runs WIKL 90.5 Indianapolis, with a particularly dull, satillite fed branded format we all know as K-LOVE. http://www.klove.com/
Their regional manager: John gale: 513-829-0333

In an April article by Reclaim the Media, the director of HPC Marty Hensley, said he planned to "broadcast [evil] community news... and [evil] sports, [evil]music, [evil]weather and reports on drunk driving, teen pregnancy, [and] drug use." If you beleive that I have a bridge to sell you. What he's going to do is pipe in satillite fed religous talk. Probably originating with our friends in Twin falls Idaho.

“If they’re not using their license 24 hours a day, we just want to use the hours they’re not using and help them operate the station,” Hensley said. He is speaking as if WFCI has publicly requested "help" operating the staiiton, which of course has never actually happened. The only "halp" an educational broadcaster ever really needs are donations of personal time and money.

The laws used to seize this air time were not meant for this purpose. In these attacks they are perverted. Share time arrangements were meant to "fully" utilize a channel, to "fully" serve a community. Syndicated, satillite-fed religious programming is not valid as a fulfilment of any local service.

This is not limited to the bread basket. WVPH, WLHS, WHJE, WEEM, WRFT, WBDG, KNHC, WSHJ and many others survived similar legal assaults from [evil] right-wing religous cult groups in recent years.

In another development, RB Schools (another evil religious cult) argued that despite the fact that WLHS is on air 24/7, they are still not using their frequency to the fullest extent with its programming. (They air music, sports and talk shows.) RB schools [evil] president Linda de Romanett said: R B Schools could improve the quality of WLHS and other stations through the [evil] programming she plans to broadcast.

This is the first time that argument has been used in a time-share challenge. It appears somewhat exploratory in nature. It's clearly baseless having no precedent to work from. The FCC rejected this one without comment I believe. They opted not to open that barrel of worms.