Monday, October 24, 2005

This Is A First

Radio station claims responsibility for crop circles in Howell, Michigan

After weeks of Speculation 95.5 WKQI sent out a press release admitting that members of the Buck Head Show are responsible for the small crop circles that appeared on July 14. Apparently after leaving a concert at the Pontontiac they went to the Mike Esper's wheat field in Howell Township with wood planks and rope for a little fun.

Hundreds of people had flocked to Esper's field to see the mysterious formations, and the story was covered by a number of news outlets, including the Detroit Free Press, the Associated Press, the Jackson Citizen Patriot and WXYZ-TV. Esper had asked Jeffrey Wilson, an expert on crop circles, to investigate the formations and Wilson determined they were not the work of human beings.

The station's operations manager Dom Theodore also apologized to listeners on air. The show collectively apologized to the farmer's family and the local press for wasting their time. The radio station said wood planks and ropes were used to create the circles. Oy vey.