Monday, October 10, 2005

Radio Guam!

For no sensible reason, the U.S. continues to "own" islands in the pacific ocean. Certainly this has some millitary applications should we choose to obscess on communism and declare "millitary action" on another small asian country. But I am no war-monger. 'Cest la vi. I care only about radio.

Guam is but one island in a short chain of islands about 1,300 miles east of The Phillipines. They have a great number of american amenties including american radio. They even have their very own public radio outlet: KPRG FM

They run out of the University of guam famed for... something. [it's definitely scenic] They signed on only a few years ago, back on January 28, 1994. Since then they've become stunningly organized even starting up a press of KCRW-style membership cards good for members discounts at certain buisnesses. For Example:

• Present your KPRG membership card at Kaveh Kanes in the Ladera Towers and receive a loaded oatmeal cookie with any purchase. (I am not mocking them, I like oatmeal cookies)

Its as eclectic as you might expect a station on the edge of the world to be. Talk programs about star-gazing, the baroque hour, asian pop hits, and something called: "Prugraman I Halai Hai" I dont know what that means, but it sounds pretty local.

They run a lot of BBC, but that's very common as you get away from major cities abroad. In many areas of asia and africa shortwave radio is more common that FM or even AM. ...And BBC is on the shortwave and NPR is not. So there is a transition as these countries transition to a more western, more industial future... somebody usually figures out FM. NPR seems to move in right afterwards. It's decades before they'll put up with Fox News.