Thursday, September 01, 2005

Calls that pay tribute to their City

As mentioned previously calls can be tied to a brand-name for better utility. I have also seen them tied to a city and there the calls become their own brand with a pleasant sense of localism. In this list I tried to exclude univeristy stations whose calls actually correlate to the school name NOT the city.
A lot of radio-men use the term "Heritage calls" It dosent just mean old calls, it means old calls that persist in the market. These calls reappear on numerous sticks in a market each time revisiting the connotation of the branding and aiding market entry. Calls like these are almost always heritage calls.

Boston - WBOS
Los Angeles -KLAX, KALI, KKLA
Philadelphia - WPHI, WPHE, WPHT
New York City -WNYC, WNYE
Denver - KFDN
Washington D.C. - WASH, WWDC
Baltimore - WBAL, WCBM

As you get into very tertiary non-markets you can see this much more often:
Willimantic, CT - WILI
Manhattan, KS -KMAN-AM
Guymon, OK - KGYN
Arkadelphia, AR - KDEL
Rocky Mount, NC - WRMT-AM
Anaconda, MT - KANA-AM
... The List goes on and on.