Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Blues Radio format

No other genre of music carries such a rich history. Its the genre that birthed rock n' roll. the genre that records the lives of rural americans. It's the music of our true cultural voice, our own actual Americana.

The music descended from songsters playing a mix of hilbilly music, early country and folk. At no time in our history has Blues ever been a dominant radio format. It's red-headed stepchild rock n' roll was the decendant that first made that jump. Later durring the spread of FM radio the public's new intrest in folk music gave a second life even to long dead artists.

I find it appropriate that today it has returned to the rural southern cities where it began.
Today there are only 4 all-blues radio stations. These are:
WDLT 660 AM Fairhope, AL
WKXI 1400 AM Jackson, MS
WKXY/WROX-AM 92.1/1450 FM Clarksdale, MS

On the bright side there area hundreds of individual blues music programs across America. In fact, It is rare that a city has only one! many have 2 or 3. If you cant find one feel free to ask me.