Thursday, July 14, 2005

American Indian Radio

As you all well know, once this entire continent belonged to The American Indians. They of course did not call them selves Indians, Native Americans or American anythings actually. My best understanding of the word they used was "human beings"

So, these human beings got a raw deal from the incoming Europeans. These days, the descendants of the survivors, those that have not moved into western culture [note irony of wording] live on reservations. I am sure some of you compulsive gamblers think of all Indians as casino owners and well... that's not exactly accurate. To be blunt, thousands of them live in abject poverty. Needless to say, they do not own many radio stations.

Here I list a few I find exceptional

KIDE 91.3 FM Hoopa, CA. They run at a mere 19 watts but are organized enough to report to trade magazines. Their Music director used to be a man named Jay who was a helluva nice guy.You can check them out here:

KSHI 90.9 Zuni, ND
You can actually hear a show from 1978 here:

KEYA 88.5 FM Belcourt, ND
A 20,000 watt station almost flush against the Canadian border. They run some NPR programming but primarily focus on the local Turtle Mountain Chippewa culture in their native programming.

Below are links to sites that give more complete lists: