Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Rajun Cajun!

Its a long story so I'll try to make it short. France once owned a large portion of America. We purchased it from them in 1803 under President Jefferson for 15 mil. What your history teacher usually skips over is that it was only 1801 when Spain retroceded the entire tract to France . I.e this was not exclusively a French colony.

This massive tract of land was home to a veritable gumbo of ethnicities: French, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, innumerable variety of Caribbean and African peoples and of course the indigenous American Indian tribes such as the Bayougoulas and the Houmas. More here: Creole heritage Center.

These groups mixed, traded and created their own cultures. Specifically I am referring to the Creole. Creole were actually a persecuted minority. They were rejected by popular society and generally misunderstood by white government. Their self-sufficience led them to develop their own languages, their own foods, and most importantly for this post: their own music.
please visit the Cajun French Music association.

There are only two radio stations in American playing Cajun music 24/7.
drum roll please....

1. The Rajun Cajun, KLRZ 100.3FM (also simulcast on KLEB 1600AM.) On Sundays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm they have a program that focuses on Louisiana music and that often per from live.

2. KBON 101.1 Lafayette, LA (who actually are moving their transmitter from mamou to Lafayette) You can actually listen to them here.

Other radio stations running Cajun programming:
KANE 1240 AM New Iberia, LA (sister station to KLRZ & KLEB)
WBRH 90.3 FM Baton Rouge, LA
KPFT 90.1 FM Houston, TX (sadly they do not syndicate it to the other Pacifica stations)
KBRH 1240 am Baton Rouge, LA
KOOP 91.7 FM Austin, TX (who does a day share with KRVX; gotta do a post on day shares)
KRVS 90.5 FM Lake Charles, LA
KNON 89.3 Dallas, TX (an amazing community station in its own right)
KKAY 1590 AM Baton Rouge, LA
WYNK 101.5 FM Baton Rouge, LA (OVN; they do not list it on their website sadly)
KEUN 105.5 FM Eunica, LA
KLVI 560 AM Beaumont, TX
KCIL 107.5 FM, New Orleans, LA