Saturday, June 04, 2005

Polka is an underground cult

Every European nation claims an ehnicity and in America's melting pot they persist; giving us color and flavor. The Polish people gave us polka, when they came to America they brought it with them. It is a genuine American underground. I beleive to this day that the Polish underground of Chicago delivered the election of Kennedy in 1961. So thank a Polish-American today. Today we go to Chicago, a city that can boast more Polka per inch of radio dial than any other american city.
Starting with the all polka network: Polskinet who's website boasts an annoying liner and a picture of a middle aged bald man: 1030 WNVR-AM, WKTA 1330, and 1430 WEEF. And the independants:
Chicago's Polish Pride -WPNA 1490 actually owned by the Polish National Alliance Which sounds vaguely like the teamsters when you read their literature

WNWI 1080 who runs a program of Midwest polka music called "MIDWEST POLKA SOUND" at 1:00pm Sundays. Technically a brokered ethnic station but their schedule consists of only Polish, Serbian, German and Bosnian programming. So,when their not playing Polka they are talking about Polka. This station is a gem: